Event Management

Will your event be a smash hit or a near miss?
The answer: It all depends on the details.

Face to face never goes out of style — even in our digital world. Corporate events can bring your teams closer, inspire audiences, and ignite creativity. But it doesn’t happen by accident. It happens with details. It starts with choosing the perfect venue, meeting spaces, and accommodations for your guests and doesn’t end until every incidental is accounted for.

Thousands of logistical choices can make or break an event for your audience. Whether it’s a meeting of the minds for your leadership team or a company-wide occasion, the details can be daunting. Communication with vendors, planning, and transportation each take careful consideration that is best left to seasoned pros.

Fortunately, One10 has decades of experience meticulously managing corporate events and meetings for some of the largest companies in the world.

We use the latest tech, proven management tools, and a global network of trusted partners to knock your event out of the park. 

The Secret for A Flawless Event?

We sweat every detail, so you don’t have to.

You don’t want your stakeholders worrying about transportation, microphones, or room reservations. You want them engaged, excited, and focused on making the most of their experience.

We make it look easy. And we make you look good from behind the scenes. Corporate event planning requires harnessing a thousand moving pieces into an event that your audience perceives as seamless. It requires a veteran team that doesn’t just have experience having things go according to plan but knows how to expect the unexpected.

Something as small as inclement weather can throw a wrench in your plans — that’s why we think of everything. Here are just some of the things we take care of for your event:

End-to-end management
Vendor contract negotiations
Complimentary amenities
Merchandise and awards
Website and registration
On-site staff
Cancellations and insurance
Reduced resort fees
Airline management
Full production management

When Your Event Needs to Be a 10 Out of 10

If you’re looking to knock your event out of the park, hire the agency with the perfect batting average.

We give you the insight gained in decades of event planning. Our team has an average tenure of 24 years. It’s the kind of experience it takes to create unforgettable events for your people. One10 is here to help companies like yours by managing your event top to bottom with our comprehensive knowledge in destinations, planning, designing, and delivering flawless events.

We have been trusted by industry giants for so long because we deliver the best results. Our team of nearly 300 professional event and meeting planners ensures that nothing is forgotten in your event so it goes off without a hitch.

We find your event the right venue, expertly negotiate rates with our partners, and do everything to ensure your event is a home run.

Don’t Take It From Us…

Our record speaks for itself.

Over the years, our efforts haven’t gone unrecognized. Believing in better is the mantra that guides everything we do for our clients. But don’t take it from us that we’re the best in the business — hear the word on the street:

“One10 has an excellent reputation for being a global leader in servicing the meetings and events industry. As a leader, they always strive to be ahead of the curve. Because of this, we have seen huge success with our ongoing partnership as we both strive to provide our customers superior event management solutions.”

— Chuck Ghoorah, President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Cvent

Under Our Umbrella

Saving the day is our every day.

Imagine your sunny day of outdoor meetings and fun is going perfectly to plan. Of course, an unexpected storm wipes your venue, leaving 4,000 of your guests wondering what comes next. What do you do?

Expecting the unexpected is best practice when it comes to events. Hiccups are inevitable with any large occasion. That’s why we improvise and provide reliable backup plans.

Your Event, Turbocharged

How we create unbeatable events for your company

Over the years, One10 has created innovative tools from our experiences to help our clients provide incredible, turbocharged events. Here are some of the services that we offer for superior event management.

Technology Toolbox

Our technology tools are designed to help you provide the best experience possible for event audiences.

  • Sourcing and Contracting — RFP support, custom proposals and budget management tools
  • Registration, Housing and Air — Website, registration, email campaigns, hotel rooms management, session and air management, reporting and tracking, budget and spend management
  • Full Event Logistics — 24/7 customer service, multilingual support, email management/live chat, airline reservations and ticketing, flight tracking and robust reporting
  • Sponsorship and Speaker Management — Sponsor resource center, lead retrieval, sponsor invoice and revenue management and RFID technology
  • Onsite Support — Name badge printing and event check-in, session scanning, RFID technology, 1:1 appointment scheduling, social wall
  • Mobile — Real-time schedules, texting/SMS updates, in-app messaging for attendees, push notifications, social, gamification, and interactive media applications
  • Event Analytics — ROI, program impact, program optimization, portfolio analysis and relationship strength indexing (rsX℠) including surveys before, during and after the event

Our Partners

During our long history of event sourcing, we have cultivated some of the strongest relationships with globally renowned brands. Our partner network includes names like Hilton, Marriott, Four Seasons, Travel & Leisure, IHG, Accor, and more.

Providing the highest-quality accommodations and venues to guests sets the tone for the entire event.

Pre, During, and Post Event Assessment

Event measurement is more important than ever. We use a variety of tools to provide you with optimal data for you to be informed about your participants at all points in the planning and wrap-up process. After each event, you have more than pleasant memories at your disposal. Every event provides data that we can use to improve the outcomes for future meetings and events. Leveraging the information from your data can help you make the best possible decisions for an ever-improving organization.

Rest Easy With Proven Event Management

Planning corporate events is no task to be taken lightly, and the variables are enough to make any head spin. Receive stunning, stress-free results from the experienced event management professionals at One10. Our team will help you take your event and your organization to the next level.

Contact us below to get started planning an unforgettable event for your company.

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